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Updated/New Questions/Categories:
  1 Sesenta
  2 When were the eggs laid this year (2014)?
  3 When did the eggs hatch this year (2014)?
  3 What were the chicks named this year? (2014)?
  4 IndyFroona (2009) *V/*Y
  5 Kinka (2009) *V/*X
  6 Peregrine falcon development - hatch to fledge (a Canadian link)
  7 Do you think you have a Peregrine Falcon visiting you? Check it out.
  8 Eagle Chicks on Catalina Island(info) - LIVE CAM
Falcon Terms:     Back to Top
  1 What is a “Chick”?
  2 What is a “Juvenile”?
  3 What is an “Assist”?
  4 What is “Wing flapping”?
  5 What is a “Food Transfer”?
  6 What is a “Bump”?
  7 What is a “Falcon squash”?
  8 What is a “Cockroach walk”?
  9 What is an “Aerial ballet”?
  10 What is “Tail-chasing”?
  11 What is a “Stall”?
  12 What is “Mantling”?
  13 What is “Stoop”?
  14 What is a “Scrape”?
  15 What is the scientific name for peregrine falcons and what does it mean?
  16 What is a "Crop"?
  17 What is "Mute"?
  18 What is a "Duck Hawk"?
  19 What is an "aerie (eyrie)"?
Falcon Information and Adult Behavior:     Back to Top
  1 Do falcons drink water and bathe like other birds?
  2 How old are falcons when they mate?
  3 Why do the adults return to the nest box after the juveniles have gone?
  4 Where do Kinney and KathyQ go after the juveniles are gone?
  5 How close to the ground do Kinney and KathyQ hunt?
  6 Do the falcons hunt for food at night?
  7 Do Peregrine falcons migrate?
  8 How many eggs do falcons usually lay?
  9 When does egg-laying usually begin?
  10 How far apart are the eggs laid?
  11 How long is the incubation period?
  12 Why isn't KathyQ sitting on the eggs?
  13 Why do the eggs hatch within a few days of each other when they were laid as much as 8 days apart?
  14 What is a "Pip" and how do I know if I am seeing one?
  15 How big are the falcons?
  16 How can I tell if I am looking at KathyQ or Kinney?
  17 What are some of the other Peregrine Web Cams in the US and around the world? (Direct link to Web Cam page)
  18 How are the eggs produced? (Link to Eastern Kentucky University)
  19 Can falcons see / hunt at night?
Chicks and Fledging :     Back to Top
  1 If I find a downed falcon what should I do?
  2 Do the juveniles ever just take off from the nest box perch?
  3 Do the adults encourage the juveniles to fly?
  4 Does the learning to fly process speed up once one has “Taken the Plunge”?
  5 Do the chicks (eyases) take food from the parent whole?
  6 Why do the chicks not fight to get food when they are being fed?
  7 How long do the juveniles stay in the downtown area after they begin flying?
  8 What do the chicks drink?
  9 What time of day should we expect the juveniles to make their first flight?
  10 Why is the mortality rate so high for young chicks?
  11 Is the mortality rate just as high where there are no tall manmade structures?
  12 Will there be pictures posted of the chicks after they are flying?
  13 Do Peregrine falcons migrate?
  14 How long will the juveniles continue returning to the nest box once they learn to fly?
  15 The juveniles seem to interact with each other. In what ways do they do that?
  16 I think one of the chicks is sick or injured. It hasnít moved for a long time.
  17 What happens when the juveniles tumble from the nest box onto the ledge?
  18 When do you rescue the juveniles? Do you take them back to the nest box?
  20 What exactly is "Fledging"?
  21 Peregrine falcon development - hatch to fledge (a Canadian link)
Banding and Tracking Devices :     Back to Top
  1 Does either the photographer or John (Castrale) ever actually get hit by the adults when they are retrieving or returning the chicks on banding day?
Also, you may have already answered this question, but did the photographer on the ledge on banding day actually get 'hit' by one of the adults? I watched the video over and over to try to figure out if he got hit or was just startled by a near miss. One thing's for sure, that bird came WAY close to the building and made an unbelievable maneuver at an incredible speed! It looks like she was going to hit one of the building supports! Scary to watch.
  2 Would it be possible to put tracking devices on the juveniles in the future?
Would it be possible to put a GPS tracking device on a falcon next year during banding process? I think it would be really neat to be able to go to a website and view where they are in real time after they leave the nest.
  3 When are the chicks banded and who decides?
Monitoring the Chicks after Fledging :     Back to Top
  1 If I find a downed falcon, what should I do?
  2 What is the best time to come downtown to watch the juveniles?
  3 I want to volunteer to help monitor the juveniles. How do I do that?
About the Nest, Market Tower and the Downtown area :     Back to Top
  1 Can you give us infomation about the nest box?
  2 How wide are the lower ledges?
  3 Can you give us more information about Market Tower?
  4 Where are some of the buildings you talk about?
Our Falcon History :     Back to Top
  1 Will
  2 Where were Kinney and KathyQ born?
  3 Where are the juveniles from former years? Does anyone keep track of them?
  4 What are the identifying numbers of the Kinney and KathyQ?
  5 What happened to Scout, Kinneyís first mate?
  6 What are the names of the chicks born in Indianapolis?
  7 Where are Magee's release photos?
  8 Kinka (2009) *V/*X
  9 IndyFroona (2009) *V/*Y
2014 Activity :     Back to Top
  1 When were the eggs laid this year (2014)?
  3 When did the eggs hatch this year (2014)?
  3 What were the chicks named this year? (2014)?
2013 Activity :     Back to Top
  1 Will
  2 When were the eggs laid this year (2013)?
  3 When did the eggs hatch this year (2013)?
  3 What were the chicks named this year? (2013)?
2012 Activity :     Back to Top
  1 When were the eggs laid this year (2012)?
  2 When did the eggs hatch this year (2012)?
  3 Kinney, 1993-2012
  4 Will
2011 Activity :     Back to Top
  1 When were the eggs laid this year (2011)?
  2 When did the eggs hatch this year (2011)?
2010 Activity :     Back to Top
  1 When were the eggs laid this year (2010)?
  2 When did the eggs hatch this year (2010)?
2009 Activity :     Back to Top
  1 When were the eggs laid this year (2009)?
  2 When did the eggs hatch this year (2009)?
  3 When did the chicks fledge in 2009?
2008 Activity :     Back to Top
  1 When were the eggs laid in 2008?
  2 Changing of the guard - a video clip created with 44 images captured between 1:53 and 2:37 (Yes, that was AM) by Mike B, an obviously very dedicated member of the IndyFalconheads Google Group. Thanks Mike B!!
Indy Star and the Blog :     Back to Top
  1 The Indy Star changed their format and I can't find the Blog. What happened to it?
Downtown Indy :     Back to Top
  1 For Market Tower, please see Figure 1.
  2 For the view of the Circle from the nest box, please see Figure 2.
  3 For the Circle, please see Figure 3.
  4 For the area north of the Circle, please see Figure 4.
About the Cameras:     Back to Top
  1 Are the cameras turned off after the chicks leave the nest?
  2 Who provided the cameras in the nest box?
  3 Can the chicks see themselves in the camera lens?
  4 Does the Nest Cam make any noises when the pictures are refreshed?
IndyFalconHeads Google Group, Twitter :     Back to Top
  1 How do I get to the IndyFalconHeads Google Group?
  2 How do I get to the IndyFalconHeads files to view the pictures?
  3 I went to the IndyFalconHeads to look a picture and got the following message:
“We're sorry but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now. We'll restore your access as quickly as possible, so try again soon. In the meantime, if you suspect that your computer or network has been infected, you might want to run a virus checker or spyware remover to make sure that your systems are free of viruses and other spurious software. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope we'll see you again on Google.”

What does that mean?
  4 Why are the times incorrect on the Google Group Postings?
  5 How do I sign up/find the Twitter link?
  6 Do KathyQ and Kinney have a Facebook page?
Donating :     Back to Top
  1 How do I donate to the DNR and when is it too late to get the 50% match?
  2 What is Laura’s Annual drum-beating message?

Figure 1. Market Tower, labeled
Green arrows point to ledges
Red arrows point to Stanchions
Blue arrows point to lightening rods
Yellow arrow points to the nest box

Figure 2. Nest Box Perch and Ledge

Figure 3. Circle Buildings

Figure 4. North of Circle

Figure 5. Small pips

Figure 6. Long pip

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